I almost missed out on Free Feature Friday this week, it’s been busy! I’m trying really hard not to skip at all, I know I have a couple times in the past. Luckily I have a little bit of time before work to get it all together and published today, whew! 

This week we’re featuring free wreath crochet patterns, and I wanted to pick ones that were unique. Here are some of my favorites!

Valentine's Day Wreath by Highland Hickory Designs

Not only did the shape of this wreath really stick out to me, but the texture of it did as well. Look how ruffly it is! And I love the arrow through the center of it.

Jack Skellington Wreath by Love to be In Stitches

I love black and white color schemes, and Jack Skellington, so this wreath absolutely HAD to be featured! I would love to see a matching Sally one... 🙂

Beach Wreath by Hooked on Homemade Happiness

I really do like wreaths that don't just look like wreaths. Does that make sense? I like elements in the center and appliques like these palm trees and the hammock; it makes the wreath more than just a ring hanging on your door.

Braided Christmas Wreath by Pattern Paradise

While we are still a little bit away from Christmas, this braided wreath caught my eye. It's unique and you could do any color combo with different appliques for any occasion!

Summer Sun Wreath by Repeat Crafter Me

Sarah has so many cute wreath designs, but I chose this sun because I love the look of it! The banner in the middle is a nice touch. I wonder if there is a way to make the middle like a dreamcatcher, maybe with brown yarn to make it look like a sunflower?

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