Towel Toppers

Towel toppers are one of the most simple and versatile things you can crochet. I wanted to pick a basic towel topper pattern for something highly customizable, but these other ones are super cute and unique and great for any style of home!

Gripper Towel Ring by Priscilla Hewitt

You can make this simple towel ring with any color and add any button! I'm thinking holiday themed towel rings with pumpkin buttons, or tree buttons, or seashell buttons for use in a bathroom... the possibilities are literally endless!

Chicken Towel Topper by Michele Wilcox

This link is currently broken, I'm working to fix it ASAP!

This towel topper reminds me of my grandmother, her kitchen was always chicken themed. She had chicken pitchers, chicken potholders, chicken napkin rings... this would have been a perfect addition to her kitchen 🙂

Summer Sundress Towel Topper by Cylinda Mathews

This is a great summer pattern! I would add little flowers or change colors every row to create a striped dress. I love how this towel topper incorporates the towel itself to create the skirt of the dress.

Removable Towel Topper by Amanda Griffith

I really love this topper because it doesn't require you to cut up or sew your towels onto the towel topper. You can wash them separately or create some mix and match toppers to go with your towels!

Birdhouse Towel Topper by Terry Day

This link is currently broken, I'm working to fix it ASAP!

This topper is perfect for any country home! I love the shape of the roof and the heart "hole".