It’s snowing today, I’m so happy! We’ve already got a couple inches on the ground and it’s supposed to snow all day. So this week’s theme is snowflake patterns!



Snowflake Table Runner by Mary Jane Protus

This snowflake pattern kind of looks like a lacy flower, and could probably be used any time of the year, just switch the colors up! Or you could use yarn with some sparkle in it to reflect off candlelight.

Snowflake Basket by Sarah LarRieu

This snowflake basket would be great for storing yarn! You could also store magazines, toys, or whatever else suits your fancy 🙂

Erishkigal Skully Snowflake by Warmer Than a Witch's Knits

Ereshkigal was the goddess of the land of the dead in Mesopotamian mythology, which makes the name of this snowflake very fitting. For people (like me haha) who need a little Halloween in every other holiday.

Snowflake Coasters by Charmed By Ewe

I love the lacy look of these coasters! They would make a great set with the table runner above.

Snowflake Afghan by Art of Tangle

This afghan is made with hexagons sewn together, you could make on in two solid colors or choose three of four colors for the outer part of the hexagon and make a multicolored snowflake blanket.

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