Puff Stitch

This week we’re featuring the puff stitch. Here are some small, super easy crochet puff stitch patterns that are great for practicing! You can whip most of these up over the weekend.

Peekaboo Puff Stitch Hat by Stitching Together

I love that the puff stitch is an accent in this hat rather than the main stitch. I think a pom-pom that matches the color of the puff stitches would really tie this hat together!

Puff Stitch Slouchy Beanie by Jenny and Teddy

This beanie looks so comfy! I love the slouchy look of this beanie in particular, I think the puff stitch is what makes it look so cool.

Puff Stitch Fingerless Gloves by Slipstitch Hollow

I don't know why but I feel like these would feel really cool on your hands haha. This pattern is super easy! The author doesn't really explain how to do a puff stitch, but once you get how to do it down this pattern would go by fast.

Puff Stitch Lacy Triangle Shawl by Make and Do Crew

This shawl looks so soft and comfy! It's a pattern that is sort of mindless and can be worked on when you're watching TV.

Puff Stitch Beret by Crochet by Ellej

This beret pattern is written as a chart (with a legend) and there are step by step pictures, but there is no actual written pattern. It seems really easy though! It's just puff stitch and double crochet, with some front post and back post double crochet for the brim.

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