Pineapple Motifs

One of my absolute favorite motifs in the crochet world is the pineapple motif. It’s so elegant looking! I’ve found a few patterns that take the traditional pineapple motif and incorporate it into a modern design.

All of these patterns would be perfect summertime patterns. Nice and lightweight. Just sayin’. 😎

Lacy Love Dress by Maz Kwok

As soon as I saw a picture of this dress I fell in love. It's so lacy and pretty! It's worked from the top down, so you can adjust the length as long as you like and either make a cute top or a nice long maxi dress.

Pineapple Squares Throw by Nanette M. Seale

I've never seen the pineapple motif in blanket form until now. To make this throw you first make a series of squares, then attach them together. It's so detailed and exquisite!

Amara Shawl by Tamara Kelly

I lovelovelove this pattern! The yarn used, the stitches, it's all breathtaking! I think this pineapple motif looks a little like berries, especially in this color.

Pineapple Owl by BellaCrochet

This is such a cute little applique! You could use it as a bookmark, a brooch, a pendant (or earrings if you made them small!), add it to a dress or a hat, sew a bunch together in a line to make a scarf, the possibilities are endless!

Pineapple Market Bag by Ambrosia's Creations

I've been looking for a market bag that is not like all the other market bags I've seen and this is definitely it! I can't wait to make one (maybe in ombre yarn?)

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