Grocery/Trash Bag Holders

I’ve been needing to crochet another grocery bag holder for some time. We accumulate grocery bags like crazy, but we use them for doing cat litter, when Michael goes hunting and fishing, we bag up lunches, and I use them for WIP bags when I’ve got a lot of pieces to put together. I figured while I was looking for new bag holder patterns that I’d share my favorite free ones that I found!

Fishie the Plastic Bag Keeper by Sharon Maher

This is the cutest bag holder! Many of the really cool designs on Pinterest or Ravelry are paid patterns, so I was very excited to learn that this one was free! I love the wavy design of the "scales" on the fish and how buttons are used for the eyes.

Clutter Eating Monsters by Jessica McConnell

I think my favorite thing about these bag holders (other than their adorable faces haha) is the fact that they open at the top rather than the bottom. It's a great pattern to hold things besides bags, like small toys, or maybe sewing supplies or scrap yarn?

Plastic Bag Holder by Bonnie Barker

I love the texture of this bag holder, it's definitely fancier than the other free bag holders out there! It's got a country feel to it, doesn't it? I also like the button closure so you can hang it from an oven door or cabinet handle (next to your fancy kitchen towels with crochet tops 😉)

Two Color Bag Holder by Bernat Design Studio

This grocery bag holder is simple and spring-like, but with other color combinations and appliques you could make one for anytime of the year!

Grocery Bag Holder by Rhondda Mol

I like this bag holder because of the chevron design and its simplicity. The bottom kinda reminds me of a sweater sleeve haha, so if you don't have a ponytail holder for the bottom of your bag holder this design would be perfect!

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