Daisy Farm Crafts Blankets

If you’ve ever stumbled upon Daisy Farm Crafts you would have found a great site with tons of amazing patterns (and some recipes too). Through my searching this past year or so I’ve come across a lot of beautifully simplistic blanket patterns designed by Tiffany and Hannah, and I couldn’t help but dedicate a Free Feature Friday just to their designs!

Because all of these blanket patterns are from Daisy Farm Crafts, I’m not gonna be redundant and tell you with each pattern. I’ve never featured just one designer before so I’m kinda following my template for the normal Free Feature Fridays.

Boho Berry Stitch Blanket

I feel like the design of this blanket could be used for a rug if you used a different kind of yarn or a smaller hook to make the stitching tighter. I love the little pops of berry stitches throughout the colored rows!

Even Berry Stitch Striped Blanket

This blanket also uses the berry stitch, but it seems to produce a different texture when it's stacked like this. The berry stitch makes this blanket look nice and squishy, and you could swap out the colors to match your living room or bedroom.

Harlequin Blanket

The design of this blanket is so unique! I love the diamond pattern of this stitch, and the pop of the third color really makes this blanket stand out, as well as the border of it.

Tribal Chevron Blanket

This would be a great beginner pattern for a chevron blanket. I love the minimalistic color and the big tassels at the ends of the blanket that match the color stripes.

Modern Moss Stitch Blanket

The moss stitch that makes this blanket along with the color changes makes for a cool texture overall. Pair that with a colored border and you've got a great blanket with with a modern feel to it. It's super easy and works up fast.

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