Pattern Review: Long Ram Horns

When I was picked to test this long ram horn pattern I immediately saw this as an opportunity to be able to make a Homestuck themed beanie. I was so excited! I made a green test horn first, and I was going to make a second one and make a beanie but I didn’t quite have enough of that color so I ended up frogging both of them. And then I dug though my yarn stash hoping to find some colors that matched the troll horn colors. After finding some I furiously whipped up a second pair. This long ram horn pattern works up really quickly!

This pattern is in a checklist format so it’s super easy to follow the rounds. Once you get the pattern down it’s easy to guess what you need to do next; it’s not necessarily a mindless pattern, but you can get to a point where you don’t really have to count stitches.

This would be a great pattern to have if you wanted to be Aradia (or Damara) for Halloween!

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