Nuka-Cola C2C Blanket

You guys should know by now how obsessed with the Fallout series I am. I mean, there’s an entire section on the blog about it  haha. As soon as I learned how to to corner to corner crochet and make my own graphs, I immediately began drawing up this Nuka-Cola C2C blanket!
There are nine different flavors of Nuka-Cola in Fallout 4, so  it worked out perfectly for making a square blanket!
I thought I calculated size correctly, making each panel about 2 feet square, but after sewing the panels together and not accounting for stretch or a border this thing turned out freaking HUGE. It is a little over six feet square! It’s okay though because we love big blankets 🙂

If you decide you don’t want a ginormous blanket, you could make one of the individual panels with a bigger hook size and add a border to it to make a nice little throw!

If you’d like the whole Nuka-Cola C2C blanket pattern all at once (or don’t want to wait for a specific flavor to be released) you can buy the ad-free PDF on Etsy or Ravelry! It has all the flavors and both of the charts you need.

I decided to just go ahead and release each flavor one week at a time, that way you aren’t waiting too long for them. Be sure to follow on Instagram or Facebook so you don’t miss when the next flavor is published!

Individual Nuka Flavors

Original (released 1/29/20) – click here

Cherry (released 2/5/20) – click here

Quantum (released 2/12/20) – click here

You can arrange the squares any way you want; I decided to alternate between rectangular and circular labels and kind of randomly filled in which square was going to go, like this:

I’d love to see your finished project! If you post to Instagram or Facebook be sure to use the tag #NukaColaC2CBlanket so I can see it! I also love getting emails as well 🙂

This free pattern can be shared freely and products made from this pattern can be sold and shared, but please give pattern credit to CrochetByStephK and/or LittleFamilyontheMountain. Thank you so much!

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