Shockwave Sweater Pattern

It’s finally here! The biggest piece of the Shockwave Set: the sweater! You can find the beanie here and the scarf here in case you missed them 🙂

This sweater was by far one of my favorites that I made, especially the grey and rainbow colored one! I think the colors worked out really nice on it. The second one I’m crocheting with Lion Brand Mandala Ombre, be sure to follow me on Instagram to see how it turns out!

I do want to point out that I think of this pattern more as a recipe than an actual pattern. I say that because there are no defined stitch counts at the end of the rounds/rows. This sweater is designed to fit you (or whoever you’re making it for) based off body measurements, so there are no set sizes.

You can buy the ad-free PDF version for just $1 here! It helps keep patterns free in the future, plus you’ve got a printable you can scribble on if you want 🙂


Any worsted weight yarn

I/9 (5.5 mm) hook

H/8 (5 mm) hook

F/5 (3.75 mm) hook

Embroidery scissors

Finishing needles

Terms (US)

bphdc – back post half double crochet

ch – chain

fphdc – front post half double crochet

hdc – half double crochet

rnd – round

st(s) – stitches


This sweater is based more off your body measurements rather than actual stitch counts, yardage will vary and gauge is not super important. There is no set sizing for this pattern and for best results, try the sweater on as you crochet it.

If you want to make certain colors pop for the fphdc round, change colors in the row before the fphdc row.

This pattern is loosely based off of the Simple Stocky Sweater I tested some time ago. Go check out the pattern!


Panels (make 2)

Row 1 – With I hook, fhdc a row that measures from each tip of each shoulder without stretching (or you can chain that same length and add two chains, then hdc across each ch)

Row 2 – ch 1, hdc in each st across.

Rows 3-8 – Repeat row 2.

Row 9 – ch 1, fphdc in each st across.

Rows 10-16 – Repeat row 2.

Row 17 – Repeat row 9.

Rows 18-24 – Repeat row 2.

Continue the eight row pattern until the sweater reaches your desired torso length. (I had 6 repeats starting at row 8; I stopped before I would’ve done the next fphdc row, so I did 56 rows total for each panel.)

When you have finished both panels place them with the right sides facing together. Starting from the outside at the top, sew about 15 stitches in to make the shoulders (that’s how many stitches I did, you might have to do more or less depending on the width of your shoulders and the width of your head).

Sew up the sides starting from the bottom until you get about a half an inch from where your armpit would be in the sweater (sewing the shoulders first makes it easier to try on to determine where to stop on the sides).

At the bottom of the sweater with H hook, attach yarn, ch 1 and hdc in same st and in each st around. Sl st to first hdc.

Rnd 2 – Ch 1, *fphdc in next st, bphdc in next st*. Repeat from * to * around. Sl st to ch 1.

Rnds 3-15 – Repeat rnd 2.

Continue as long (or short) as you want it.


Attach to bottom of armhole. Your sweater body should still be inside out.

Rnd 1 – Ch 1, hdc in same st. hdc in each st around, skipping the rows that stick out because of the fphdc (see picture). At the end of the round start working in a spiral, marking the start of each round.

The orange row was skipped over while hdc the first round.

Rnd 2 – hdc in each st around

Rnds 3&4 – Repeat rnd 2

Rnd 5 – hdc in each around, hdc2tog  in the last 2 sts.

Rnds 6-8 – Repeat round 2

Rnd 9 – fphdc in each st around

Rnd 10 – repeat rnd 2

Rnd 11 –  Repeat rnd 5

Rnds 12-16 – Repeat rnd 2

Rnd 17 – Repeat rnd 9

Rnd 18 – Repeat rnd 2

Rnd 19 – Repeat rnd 5

Rnd 20-24 – Repeat rnd 2

Rnd 25 – Repeat rnd 9

Rnd 26 – Repeat rnd 2

Rnd 27 – Repeat rnd 5

Rnds 28-32 – Repeat rnd 2

Continue this repeat until the sleeves are as long as you want them (make a note somewhere on how many rounds you do for the first sleeve so they match!)

If you’re changing colors on the sleeves, attach the new color so that the seam lines up with the armpit/underside of the sleeve.

I made mine a little shorter than my wrists and added an edging, going down from an I hook to an F hook before starting the edging. You might have to play around with hook sizes to make the cuff fit correctly.

Hdc in each st around. Continue working in a spiral and marking each round as you go. *fphdc in next st, bphdc in next st* until the cuff is as long as you want it (I made mine 10 rounds long). Finish off and weave in all ends, and turn your sweater right side out!

This free pattern can be shared freely and products made from this pattern can be sold and shared, but please give pattern credit to CrochetByStephK and/or LittleFamilyontheMountain. Thank you so much!

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