Beer Poncho Pattern

The other day my mom and I went to On The Border for lunch, and there were bottles up above the bar, and on one of the Corona bottles there was a little poncho!

I thought it was the cutest thing! Then of course my brain immediately goes, “I can make that!” and the beer poncho was (re)born!

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo 😉

These little guys whip up pretty quickly as they use the moss stitch. I feel like the thing that takes the most time is tying on the fringe and trimming it, but it looks soooooooo cool, so I think it’s worth it 🙂

You can buy the ad-free PDF version for just $1 here! It helps keep patterns free in the future, plus you’ve got a printable you can scribble on if you want 🙂


E (3.5mm) hook

Worsted weight (#4) yarn (I used Red Heart Stripes in Favorite Stripe)

Embroidery scissors

Finishing needle

Terms (US)

Ch – chain

St – stitch

Sc- single crochet

Sl st – slip stitch


24 sts and 20 rows = 4″ x 4″ square. Finished project should be about 8″ x 4″ and about a 2″ inch opening for the bottle neck.


Row 1 – Ch 21, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across (20 sc)

Row 2 – Turn and ch 2, skip first st, sc in next st. *ch 1, skip next st, sc in next st.* Repeat from * to * across. (20 st)

Row 3 – Turn and ch 2, sc in first ch sp. *ch 1, sc in next ch sp.* Repeat from * to * across.

Rows 4-20 – Repeat row 3

Row 21 – Turn and ch 1, sc in next 5 st. Ch 10, skip next 10 st and sc in next st. Sc in each st across. (10 sc and 10 chs)

Row 22 – Repeat row 2

Rows 23-41 – Repeat row 3

Without breaking yarn, reverse sc along the longer side of the poncho. When you get to the next corner twist your work so you can sc along the shorter edge. Twist your work again to reverse sc along the other longer side, and then sc along the other shorter side. Fasten off.

Add fringe to the shorter sides of the poncho.

These would be great for a party to differentiate between your guests’ drinks! Make each one in different colors and let them take them home as party favors!

This free pattern can be shared freely and products made from this pattern can be sold and shared, but please give pattern credit to CrochetByStephK and/or LittleFamilyontheMountain. Thank you so much!

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