Today is Wolfenoot! If you haven’t heard, a young boy invented this holiday and it pretty much went viral immediately. Even Time Magazine has a short article about the holiday. But it basically started with this post:

Of course who woudn’t jump at celebrating Wolfenoot? So I’m featuring some wolf themed patterns this week. It was actually pretty hard to find some crochet wolf patterns that are free, and as you’ll see a lot of them are fox patterns that can easily be adapted by changing colors.

Happy Wolfenoot!

Amigurumi Wolf by Amigurumi Today

This little guy is super cute, and he's even got a scarf to go with him! I like his stitched paws.

Cuddly (Cat) Wolf Scoodie by Moogly

This scoodie (scarf hoodie) is originally marketed as a cat scoodie, but even Tamara states that by changing the style of the ears and the colors you can create a variety of animals. And with the gray coloring this scoodie pictures already looks like a wolf! And the best part - it's got pockets!

Like a Fox Blanket by Yarnspirations

Here is another adaptable pattern made with Bernat Softee Baby Chunky yarn. This blanket looks so cozy!

Baby Fox Hat by Breezybot

This pattern is for a small child, but can be adjusted to make a child or adult sized beanie (try using my hdc beanie pattern for the base). The pattern is worked in a spiral so there's not much of a seam, and I love the bottom of it.

Mother Wolf Beanie by Crafter Chick

I like how this hat is partly amigurumi. The little eyelashes are so cute, and this would be a great start for a "mommy and me" outfit set.

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