This week we’re featuring free crochet witch patterns!  Scroll down to see some adorable and creative patterns!

If you’re following our Free Feature Friday series, we’re continuing the theme of Halloween patterns! If you missed the first two, check them out!
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Witch's Hat Pincushion by Shirley MacDonald

This is a great idea for a pincushion! Not to mention it's super cute!

Flattened Witch Pot Holder by The Crafter Life

I love this idea! You could essentially make the body (the part the pot or pan sits on) and size you need!

Winne Halloween Wreath by Pippin Poppycock

The legs and the striped wreath and the hat all come together perfectly in this pattern! It's simple yet a perfect, easy Halloween decoration!

Witch Legs Scarf by The Crafter Life

I had to include another pattern by The Crafter Life because I love this scarf! The shape of the shoes is perfect and I love that they have laces and the classic black and bright striping.

Barbie Witch Hat by Stitch 11

THis is a great, quick pattern to work up to dress up dolls for Halloween! Or just for playing dress up in general.

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