I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already next week. The end of the year seems to be flying by! I love making food for Thanksgiving. Some of Michael and I’s favorite things to eat are green bean casserole, bourbon baked sweet potatoes, stuffing and deviled eggs!

I think all the sides really make the meal, but when you mention Thanksgiving everyone immediately thinks of turkey. So this Friday I’m featuring some awesome crochet turkey patterns!

Turkey Earflap Hat by Christine Longe

I think my favorite thing about this hate is that the "braids" look like little turkey feet. I love the curly things on the top too. And if anyone asks, that's the official name for them.

Turkey Leg Beanie by Jennifer Olivarez

This beanie was originally written for a toddler, but it probably wouldn't take much adjusting to make the legs fit an adult sized beanie.

Turkey Purse by Kat Payne

When I first came across this pattern I thought to myself "who would have a purse that looks like a cooked bird?"
And then I realized it was me. The more I look at it the more I want it! So guess what I'm making for myself... sometime...

Thanksgiving Wreath by Highland Hickory Designs

I'm not sure what my favorite thing about this wreath is: the hat on the turkey, the little pumpkin that it's holding, or the ruffly stripes of the wreath itself!

Turkey Tissue Box Cover (with Roasted Veggies) by Twinkie Chan

I have yet to dive into the world of Twinkie Chan. To be honest I'm slightly intimidated by all the amazing cuteness on her site 😅
I love this tissue box cover because it's decorative AND multi-functional! The lettuce can be used as a dish cloth, and the little veggies could be used as fridge magnets (or even hair clips).

What are your favorite Thanksgiving dishes?

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