Tea Length Dresses

This week I wanted to try and find some crochet patterns for tea length dresses. While pretty much any dress pattern can be shortened or lengthened to any length you want, I wanted to try and find patterns that specifically were designed to be at a length just around the knees. I know tea length is technically considered to be below the knees but I wouldn’t really consider these to be mini dresses so -shrug-.

Fall Colors Dress by By Katerina

I love the design of this dress! The colors, the sleeves, the shape... it's all fantastic.

The Penelope Dress by Sewrella

The striping on this dress is really eye-catching! I love the bold colors Ashleigh chose for her dress.

Simple Summer Dress by Nyan Pon

This dress would make a great cover up for a swimsuit! I like the overall design of this dress, especially the tie at the top and the net-like texture.

Enchanted Sun Dress by Maz Kwok

This dress looks so swishy and light and fun! It's almost fairytale-like, which makes sense as to why it's called the enchanted sun dress.

Simple Collar Dress by Wilma Westenberg

This dress is so simple and pretty! I love the hem at the bottom.

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