Steering Wheel Covers

It’s been crazy hot up here lately. Like in the 90s. Up in the mountains! My car gets extremely hot since it’s got a dark interior. Some days I can barely touch the steering wheel or the insides of the door. I’ve been looking for steering wheel covers to help with the heat, and these five really stuck out to me! Not only will the help during the heat, but it will also help during the winter!

PLEASE NOTE: No matter what pattern you decide to make, you want to make sure that the steering wheel cover is snug. You don’t want the cover to slip on the steering wheel, especially when you’re driving!

Granny Square Steering Wheel Cover by Peculiar Wishes

I love the use of granny squares in this pattern! It definitely repurposes them into something modern that's also functional!

Striped Steering Wheel Cover by Stitch11

This steering wheel cover makes use of the griddle stitch, so if you're looking for a new stitch to try this would be a great starter project! I love the striped look of this cover as well.

Chevron Steering Wheel Cozy by Laura Jay

Another "fancy stitch" cover haha. I like this one because in the second picture the design looks like arrows 🙂

Shell Stitch Steering Wheel Cover by Handmade by Haniyya

The designer of this cover looked up how to do the shell stitch and made a cover based off that! I love the texture of this cover.

Scrap Yarn Steering Wheel Cover by Sandi

This is a great stash buster project! You can also plan out the colors and make a themed color cover for your car. I like how the white line breaks up the stripes and adds a little bit of texture.

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