Small C2C Projects

I wanted to call this collection “Mini C2C Projects” until I realized that mini C2C is actually a thing haha. I didn’t want to get you guys confused, but I did want to feature some small corner to corner projects. These are great for practicing the C2C stitch when you first learn it, and definitely not as daunting as trying to tackle a blanket or something super big.

Corner to Corner (Diagonal Box Stitch) Hat by Cotton Gin Studios

I like this hat because it reminds me of a cat beanie! It's a super easy way to make one, and I wish I came across this pattern earlier when I had requests for pussy hats!

Rainbow C2C Arm Warmers by Whistle and Ivy

I used to wear arm warmers a lot in middle school, made from long socks that I cut up. I love these ones though, they're so bright and cheery! Perfect for brightening up your fall wardrobe.
Make a C2C hat to match! 🙂

Oh Deer C2C Banner by Taylor Lynn Crochet

This wall hanging is so cute! I love the flowers! And I love the idea overall, you could graph out your own design and make something totally unique to you! The natural wood is also a great touch, it makes the piece rustic and woodsy feeling.

C2C Cactus Beanie by Pink Plumeria Maui

This is another one of those patterns that I think once you know the basis on how to do it you could do any design on the beanie itself, as long as it's small and simple. The brim and the pom-pom offset the C2C stitch nicely.

Bernat Pump Up the Volume Scarf by Yarnspirations

The giant tassels are my favorite aspect of this scarf but I also like how it looks like the C2C stitch is rotated so that instead of having a nice straight edge all the way around it's wavy.

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