Even in warm weather like this it’s hard for me to put down the hook, so I like to crochet smaller projects. These free crochet patterns for shorts are a great starting point if you’re looking for some smaller projects to not only work on, but also wear during the summer months!

Comfy Cotton Shorts by 365 Crochet

You know why I love these shorts? They have POCKETS! I also like the clean look of the edges as well. The name reminds me of Lion Brand's Comfy Cotton Blend, which would probably work well with this pattern...

Cambridge Velvet Shorts by Love, Aly

These shorts look soooooooo comfy! And you guys know how much I love the Bernat Velvet yarn so this pattern is definitely on my endless list of things to make.

Easy Crochet Shorts by Hooked on Homemade Happiness

I really like the drawstring that's in a contrasting color to the shorts, it adds a little bit of pop to this super easy pattern.

Beach Comfort Shorts by DROPS Design

The bottom of these shorts reminds me of bells or tulips. I love the detail in these shorts!

Chevron Shorts by Kirstie Adamson

The color combination on this particular pair of shorts is very seventies, but I'm imagining blues and yellows and tans... I think this pattern can either be retro or modern depending on the color(s) you choose.

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