Since my last post was very monochromatic, I figured why not counter balance that with a super bright rainbow post!


I know most patterns could be adjusted to include rainbow colors, but I wanted to post a few that stood out specifically because of the rainbow colors. Somethings about these patterns and these bright colors just click, ya know?


So scroll on down to rainbow town!


Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket by Celeste Young

I actually made one of these blankets (not quite in rainbow colors) not too long ago. I absolutely love this pattern! It wasn't too hard and once you get the pattern down you can kind of mindlessly crochet it.

Rainbow Cuddles Unicorn

Something else that I've actually made before, for my mom's birthday one year. I've seen lots of different variations of this unicorn floating about the interwebs, but I think the classic rainbow color is the best.

Rainbow Ruffle Blanket by Dada's Place

I absolutely love the texture of this blanket! I want to make one just to squish it. The pattern is super simple, you crochet the colored rows first and add the ruffling in between the rows after.

Rainbow Crop Top by The Lavender Chair

This summer I plan on making some crop tops, and this is probably the first one I'm going to try. I like the ribbed edge at the bottom, and it seems like it would be simple and quick to work up.

Rainbow Star Baby Blanket by A Little Bit of Lou

Yes, I know I just shared another star shaped rainbow baby blanket, but look at the shape of this one! The directions for this one call for it to be blocked in some way to define the shape, while the first one doesn't necessarily require blocking. I really love the border on this one too 🙂

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