Pullover Sweaters

As the weather gets cooler and the aspen leaves are beginning to change color I’ve been looking more and more into sweater patterns. If you haven’t checked out the zippered sweaters I featured last week you can see the post here!

Anyway, here are some great free crochet pullover patterns!

Nautical Knots Pullover by Stitch and Hound

This pattern is featured on Joy of Motion. I love the striping in this sweater! It's available in lots of sizes too.

Pebble Creek Pullover by Evelyn and Peter Crochet

I love the texture of this sweater! You guys know how much I love texture haha. This pullover is made of four panels an then sewn together.

Cloud 9 Cropped Sweater by Megmade with Love

This sweater looks amazingly soft! Made with Yarn Bee Cloud 9 yarn, you can easily add length if crop tops aren't your thing. (and if they are your thing, check out this post!)

Pumpkin Sweater by By Katerina

I love the colors in this sweater! It's created top-down and uses a cross stitch to create its texture. It also includes a chart diagram for the first few rows.

Boardwalk Sweater by Hook and Bean

This pullover is lighter for warmer days. It looks slouchy and soft! I also like the idea of having shorter sleeves on a light, airy sweater like this.

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