Native American Blankets

Last Friday Michael and I attended our first “non-traditional” wedding and it was absolutely amazing! It wasn’t really focused around one religion or ceremony, it was more of a mix of a lot of different traditions from different cultures. There was handfasting, drumming, circle casting, and even a blanket ceremony – where the couple was wrapped in a handmade blanket to signify their union (it was a crocheted blanket and it was beautiful). The wedding was absolutely amazing and both Michael and I felt so at home. We were both thinking about how if we renewed our vows we wanted to include the blanket ceremony, and since Michael is Lakota, I wanted the blanket to have a Native American feel to it. These crochet Native American blankets are our favorites that were also free, so I wanted to share them with you!

Arizona by Pippin Poppycock

I love how comprehensive this crochet-a-long is! Not only does the author provide extensive instructions (in multiple languages!), but they also offer different colorway suggestions which is one of my favorite things. This blanket is both traditional and modern in design and color palette, and I honesty think it's my favorite out of the five patterns I picked. I'm definitely planning on making this one soon!

Tribal Spirit Cover Up by Kathleen Garen

This is Michael's favorite of the patterns this week. His exact words were, "Wow, that's crocheted? I like that a lot!" I'll probably be making this one soon too since SOMEONE hinted at it 😉😉😉
I love the fringe on this blanket and the diamond design.

Nomad by Fate by Martin Up North

This pattern is so mesmerizing! It looks like a modified version of the apache tears stitch, again kind of a diamond shape. There is a chart included to help, and the free pattern is downloadable as a PDF file (as well as the chart), which is something I personally find very helpful.

Southwest Granny Square Blanket by Hooked on Homemade Happiness

I love the design of this blanket! This one is another crochet-a-long, so it's broken up into separate parts. This one would be beautiful in any color combonation! And it's a great project to learn how to do half and half granny squares!

Navajo Indian Diamond Blanket

This blanket has a very retro feel to it. I think it would look great in 70s colors! Or turquoises and yellows? This is another pattern that would look great no matter what colors you use. It's really a timeless pattern.

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