Mosaic Blankets

Fall is creeping around the corner, which means it’s time to start busting out the blanket patterns! These crochet mosaic blankets have a modern twist and a really cool designs πŸ™‚

Nya Mosiac Blanket by Lilla BjΓΆrn Crochet

This blanket was my jumping off point for doing mosaic blankets as this week's Free Feature Friday. It's popped up on my Pinterest dash quite a bit lately and every time I see it I have to do a double take. It's stunning! I think the combination of the colors and pattern really make this blanket amazing.

One Step Beyond Blanket by Martin Up North

I love the border on this blanket! I bet if you go up a yarn size or two this would make a great rug as well.

Raspberry Pi by Tara Sensenbaugh

I love the way the stitches make the blanket look like it has diamonds in it! You could switch up the colors and name it different pie flavors. πŸ™‚

Wacky Weave Babette CAL by Hilda Steyn

This amazing blanket crochet-a-long is happening right now! The CAL started August 1st and there is an English, Dutch, and Czech versions available.

Southwestern Mosaic Cross Throw by Tara Sensenbaugh

I had to feature another pattern by Tara Sensenbaugh, her patterns are beautiful! This throw can either be done in a bunch of colors like the photo above, or you could choose two or three colors and make the blanket out of those.

Okay, this next pattern is not free but I absolutely HAD to share it with you guys! I can’t stop staring at it, it’s absolutely amazing!Β 

Medina Mosiac Tiles by Mark Roseboom

Look at the colors! Look at the design! Look how everything interlocks beautifully! I can't get over this pattern haha 😍😍😍

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