We’re kicking off the spookiest month of the year with free monster crochet patterns! Check out these amazingly cool patterns that you can use any time of the year!

Yip Yips by Carissa Browning

These yip yips are super cute! They're great for organizing small toys, clothes, or even things like scrap yarn and office stuff! I love their eyes and the fact that they're lined.

Monster Bath Mitt by Snappy Tots

This is another great pattern for kids! You can crochet it with or without the cuff.

Tampon Monster by No Day Without Yarn

This is such a cute idea! I never thought about making a cover or bag or something for tampons or pads but this pattern gave me a ton of ideas! Plus they look really goofy with the tampons poking out like teeth hehehe!

Frankenstein's Monster by Spin a Yarn Crochet

I'm getting more and more into these little ragdoll patterns! This would be a great accessory if you decided to be a mad scientist for Halloween 🙂

Kelvin the Zipper Pouch Monster by One Dog Woof

This is probably my favorite crochet backpack pattern! Look at his expression! And his... hair? Bow-thingy? I love it.

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