Mijo Shawls

If you haven’t checked out Johanna Lindahl​’s website Mijo Crochet, you’re seriously missing out on some beautiful patterns! She designs patterns for beanies, blankets, shawls, and much more! One of her most popular shawl patterns is the Lost in Time Shawl, but I wanted to showcase some of the other free shawl patterns that she has designed!

Floral Maze Shawl

This rectangular shawl is beautiful! I love the flowers in the middle of each square, and you join each one as you go so you don't have to sew them all together!

Tea Flower Shawl

I love the flower border on this shawl, as well as the tassels! It's very springy, especially with how open and net-like the stitches are.

Dragon Belly Shawl

The texture of this shawl is really interesting. I want to make one just to play with the texture of it haha.

Cirrus Shawl

I love the stripes in this shawl! It looks like it would be lightweight and you could use it as a scarf in the spring or the fall. The beads on the tassels make the whole shawl come together.

Wild Wheat Shawl

This is a crescent shaped shawl that has a nice border on it. It's very wispy and elegant.

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