I had to include one more animal themed roundup! There is a llama farm a little ways from us, and every time I drive by them I think of how much yarn they would make 😂😂😂

So here are some free llama crochet patterns!

Llama Hat by Lovable Loops

I like that with this pattern you can make it in any size! I love the little ears on it and the fringe that makes up the hair.

Llama Granny Square

These squares would make an adorable blanket! You could make complimentary granny squares that match the color of the blanket on the llama's back.

Ragoll Llama by Spin a Yarn Crochet

This llama looks so soft! It's made with Bernat Pipsqueak yarn. I love the little baubles and the blanket!

Llama-No-Drama by Nancy Anderson

This llama looks so fluffy! I like the texture of its fur.

Alpaca (or Llama) C2C Blanket by Make & Do Crew

Even though this is technically a pattern for an alpaca blanket, you can pretend it's a llama haha. Do you know the difference between an alpaca an a llama? A llama is bigger and has a longer face, but an alpaca has pointier, shorter ears. Alpacas are mainly bred for their fur (to make fibers) while llamas are bred for pack animals and meat.

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