Ice Cream

Crochet ice cream patterns are not only a great stash buster, but they’re also great for toddlers as play food!  Here are some of my favorite free ice cream crochet patterns!

Laci the Ice Cream Snail by Knot Bad

This snail is super cute! She reminds me of a banana split. I love the little sprinkles and the cherry on top.

Make Your Own Ice Cream by Natalina Craft

This pattern is great for play food! You can basically mix and match different types of scoops and cones and toppings!

Melty the Ice Cream Cone by Spin a Yarn Crochet

The whipped cream accent on this ice cream is so cute! And its face!

Honeycomb Ice Cream Cone by Heather Boyer

I absolutely love the texture of the cone in this pattern! It's very waffley haha.

Ice Cream Monster by I Crochet Things

I like the fact that this amigurumi pattern can sit up because the cone is on the top. For some reason it kinda reminds me of an octopus haha.

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