It’s hard to believe that nine years ago Homestuck was first introduced to the web. Now it’s this huge phenomenon with it’s own video game and like a billion soundtracks, as well as amazing merchandise.

AND! For 4/13 Andrew Hussie, the author of Homestuck, released the first in a series of books that will become Homestuck in print. I can’t imagine how huge that series is gonna be. You can already pre-order the second book (which comes out July 10th) and the third book (which comes out October 25th).

Hero of Time Godtier Patch by Crochetstuck

This patch is super easy and can be adapted for a variety of things (vault doors anybody?).

Tiny Smuppets by Probably Not The Coolkid

I'm not gonna lie, smuppets are creepy. But if you wanted to create your own you can use this pattern that's published on Tumblr!

Squiddles by Hooked on Anime

I love the fact that these squiddles have magnets on them so they can become tanglebuddies! 🙂 The pictures on the actual blog seem to have expired so there aren't really pictures to go off of if you're more of a visual person.
(Squiddles are not as creepy but do have some creep-factor to them. For real.)

Vodka Mutini by Hooked on Anime

Literally the cutest cat in all of Homestuck. This pattern is from the same site as the previous pattern so there are no pictures (which I'm kinda bummed about because the author seems sooooooo proud of their finished work).

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