Continuing on our little Halloween kick (I did a post on spiderwebs and pumpkins already), this week I’m featuring free crochet ghost patterns! As with the pumpkins I tried my hardest to not make them all amigurumi patterns. I kinda failed this post haha. But some of the amigurumi patterns are functional as well as adorable! 🙂

Amigurumi Ghost by Amigurumi Today

This is seriously the cutest thing ever. Look at his little boots! And his little bow tie! And his tOP HAT AHHHHH. I could see him hanging out on top of our entertainment center. 🙂

Ghost Earrings by Sabrina Brawley

I've never really attempted to make crochet earrings, but these little ghosts make me want to try it out! I love their little faces! And you could probably alter them to look like the ghosts from Pac-Man (they totally have that shape don't they?). You could make one of each and have mix and match earrings!

Boo! Doily by Marsha Glassner

I've seen this pattern everywhere; on my Facebook feed, on my Pinterest feed, it's been super popular this year! And there's no question as to why, it's so cute! I was so happy to find that this pattern was free because it definitely doesn't look like a free pattern hahaha.

Zero the Ghost Dog Amigurumi by Yarny Doom

Ghost dogs of skeleton kings are still ghosts! And who doesn't love The Nightmare Before Christmas? This s such a great pattern!

Crochet Ghost Keychain by CatKnit

I love this ghost's uneven eyes and tongue sticking out! This amigurumi keychain looks super easy. This is another crochet ghost pattern that you could change the colors and the face to make a Pac-Man ghost.

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