We’re continuing beach themed roundups with some fishies! Last week I featured sea shells, and there are so many great crochet fish patterns that I knew I had to show off my favorites this week!

Fish Rattle by Anne Bank Neilsen

I love that this crochet pattern is functional as well as cute! I love the curlies for the tail fins.

Fishbowl Hat by Daisy Cottage Designs

I love the buttons that make up the bottom of the fish bowl in this hat! You could make different decorations and different colored fish to make matching-but-not-really hats.

Fish Dishcloth by Judith Prindle

This dishcloth reminds me of goldfish (the snack). I feel like you can make smaller fish and create bunting out of them. (what's with me and bunting nowadays?)

Magikarp Hat by The Craft Burrow

I had to include this awesome Magikarp hat because Pokemon haha. I love the way the hat fits and the tail droops.

Fish Pendant by Craft Passion

This fish pendant looks so simple, they'd be great to whip up for craft fairs! They look great as keychains too!

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  1. Wonderful idea’s. My whole apartment is beach theme so these will really help with the vibe. 🙂 Thank’s.

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