Crochet dreamcatchers are a great summer project to work on! And the possibilities are practically endless with them! You can take any doily and attach it onto a hoop and add some ribbons to the bottom of it, or fringe, or feathers (either real or crochet)! Like I said, the possibilities are endless 🙂

Serene Mandala Dreacatcher

I love the fringe on this dreamcatcher! It's got a very boho feel to it! This pattern is written but also includes a diagram and a couple of videos.

Crochet Dream Catcher by The Loopy Stitch

The color changes in this dreamcatcher is beautiful! I also like the solid black one too with the different patterned ribbon!

Crystal Cold Silence Mandala by Evelin Karu

I really like this mandala! Just put some fringe on the bottom of the ring and a string to hang it from!

Dreamy Dreamcatcher by Megmade with Love

I love the flower accent on this dreamcatcher! As well as the jute wrapped around the ring. I don't know why but these would make great wedding decor!

Connie's Ray of Hope by The Loopy Stitch

This mandala crochet-a-long is special; it supports breast cancer awareness. You can donate for the CAL, learn more about monitoring breast health, or spread awareness simply by using the CAL's tags on social media.

Tunisian Feathers by Poppy and Bliss

I wanted to include this pattern this week because you can make these and attach them to the bottom of your dreamcatchers!

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