Since we’ve finally gotten some rain over the past week or so, the bugs have finally decided that it’s not to hot to come out. We have a few dragonflies that like to hang around the front door at night along with the moths (which I’m not very fond of at all haha, but it’s funny to watch Rosie try to catch them).


Scroll down for this week’s free patterns!

Summer Days Cozy Pattern by Monster House Designs

This mason jar cover is super cute and reminds me so much of spring! I love the little tulips on the bottom. I can imagine these as little luminaries lining the top of a bookshelf. You could probably add a long strap to it and hang it as well, or put colored glass stones in it and place it in a window and let the light shine through 🙂

Dragonfly Granny Square by Creative Crochet Workshop

I like this granny square because you can't immediately see the dragonflies, but if you look close you can pick them out! This granny square is simple yet has a unique twist on it that makes it stand out.

Dragonfly Applique by My Picot

I absolutely love the texture in this dragonfly applique! It stuck out to me as I was searching patterns, and it's actually the reason I chose dragonflies as a theme this week 🙂

Dazzlin Dragonfly Granny Square by Nadia Fuad

If you haven't already guessed, I'm a sucker for texture, so this 3D dragonfly really caught my eye. I bet a bunch of these squares sewn together would make a great baby blanket!

Dragonfly Wing Shawl by Vinnis Colours Patterns

While this pattern doesn't really have any actual dragonfly patterns in it, it came across my results as I was searching for patterns. I had to include it! I love how open and drapey this shawl is and the border really makes the whole thing come together.

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