I’ve been thinking a lot about cold weather patterns; scarves, blankets, hats, sweaters… 

One of the more interesting and more modern designs, I think, is diamonds. A lot of diamond designs produce cool textures, especially the following patterns!

Snow Country Super Scarf by Kirsten Holloway Designs

This scarf looks so big and comfy! I love the fringe on it. I also love how the diamond texture doesn't take over the whole scarf.

Isometric Diamonds Blanket by Solveig

This blanket trips me out every time I look at it hahaha. It looks like a bunch of floating cubes to me. This blanket is easy to make though, it's a bunch of diamonds and half diamonds attached together.

Diamond Ridges Hat by Kristy Ashmore

I love the texture of this beanie! You could probably skip the first couple rows and make it into a messy bun beanie!

Diamond in the Rough Scarf by Rich Textures Crochet

This scarf has a matching headband pattern that it also free! I think that the Diamond Ridges Beanie would also match pretty well with this scarf 🙂

Spicy Diamond Blanket by Haakmaarraak

I love the look of this blanket, and the colors are beautiful as well! The whole thing just screams autumn to me, and I want to wrap up in this blanket with some chai tea and a good book.

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