This week we’re featuring free crochet crown patterns! 

BONUS: Listen to Lorde’s song Royals (if you don’t already know it haha) while reading this post 😉

Happy Friday!


Royal Crown by Lotta Breyer

This is probably my favorite free crown pattern! I love the use of stiffener to make the crown keep its shape.

Crown Ear Warmer by Crochet N Crafts

I really like the color scheme in this pattern; it creates a nice line of color that makes the stitches pop.

Girly Crown Hat by Ramsi Leigh Crochet

The ribbon and rhinestone accents really make this beanie! I also like the fact that covers the whole head while most other crown patterns are only kinda ear warmers. This pattern would be a great base to add yarn hair to...

Tiara Headband by Crochet Jewel

I love the idea of turning a headband into a tiara! This pattern is only two rows so it should whip up in no time!

Vintage Tiara Headband by Crochet Spot

I love the small, dainty look of this headband! It's simple and would make a great any day accessory!

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