Happy New Year! Did you party to ring in the new year? Or did you sleep through it like Michael and I did?

We’re still hoping for lots of moisture this winter. We usually get our snow in February and March. I want like four feet of snow haha. I’m hoping that posting about snow will bring it about. So this week’s Free Feature Friday is about crochet snowman patterns 🙂

Snowy the Snowman Coaster by Aurora Suominen

I want to make a set of these in different colors, It would be a good way to tell drinks apart!

Snowman Sack by Repeat Crafter Me

This little sack would be great for Christmas party favors or little toys and candy. Maybe you could use them as an alternative to stockings?

Snowman Boot Cuffs by Snappy Tots

These boot cuffs are super cute, and I love the pom-poms on them! No surprise there, right? 😅 The idea of them being mismatched in the picture is actually pretty cool! Like having mismatched socks.

Melted Snowman by Highland Hickory Designs

I love this melted snowman! It would make a great lovey for a baby. I like the little beads that make up the buttons, and the snowflakes on the mittens.

Snowman Coffee Cup Cozy by Enchanted Ladybug

I like the cute little face on this coffee cozy! I also like the Christmas colored scarf on it too.

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