Christmas is just around the corner, and you can get ready by crocheting these quick and easy Santa crochet patterns!

Santa Sack by Hooked on Patterns

You could probably adjust this pattern so that the finished product is bigger, and store candy and little stocking stuffers in them. These would be a great way to hand out favors at a holiday party!

Scandinavian Santa Amigurumi by One Dog Woof

Look at this little Santa! I love his hat, and his beard and his leggings, and his nose...

Santa Slippers by Dove Crafts UK

These slippers look so soft and cozy! This pattern is available in three sizes. If you want a to make the bottoms non-slip, put some rows of hot glue dots on them.

Santa Mason Jar Cover by Michele Wilcox

I love the ruffly beard on this Santa! This jar cover would be a great idea to hide the contents of it for a present, like soup mix or hot chocolate mix or something like that! You could even make a little pocket for a recipe!

Double Loop Bearded Hat by Ashlee Marie

This hat is a great alternative to those fuzzy fur bearded hats, which I think after a while get itchy. This pattern makes a nice long beard that looks just as fluffy as a fur beard.

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