3D Doilies

This week’s Free Feature Friday showcases 3D doily patterns. Whether they are actually three dimensional or just an optical illusion, these doilies are all beautifully amazing!

Swan Doily by Coats and Clark

This doily is stunning! I love how it's actually three dimensional and not an illusion. The pattern includes a four swan and a six swan doily.

Starlight Doily by Draiguna

While this doily is not technically 3D in fashion, the color combination pictured above makes the doily pop.

Puff Stitch Doily by Crochet Beja

I really like the leaf-style design in between the puff stitch design! This doily reminds me of fans. This is a video tutorial.

Rose Table Runner by Milagros Ena

This table runner could be made with thread and a smaller hook to make a doily sized piece. I love the color changes in this pattern! This is another video tutorial.

3D Doily by Handmade by Raine

This is a super popular pattern for 3D doilies! It kind of reminds me of hot air balloons for some reason. It looks like you could continue the pattern indefinitely, maybe make a super intricate table runner?

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