Free Feature Friday

Every Friday I feature five free patterns from amazingly talented people around the web. These are patterns that stick out to me for some reason or another, and I love sharing things I love with other people 🙂

Join the community crochet board on Pinterest and share your ideas with us! One of the purposes of the board is to get inspiration from others, and I’d love to pick themes and patterns from the board!

Just email us and provide your Pinterest email account and let me know you want to be invited to the board!

Most Recent Posts
  • Mosaic Blankets

    Fall is creeping around the corner, which means it’s time to start busting out the blanket patterns! These crochet mosaic …Read More »
  • Bobble Blankets

    If you haven’t noticed (especially on my Instagram page) I’ve been having lots of fun playing with textures. This week …Read More »
  • Kimonos

    I love the look of kimonos overall, they look great any time of the year! You can use one as …Read More »
  • Dragonflies

    Since we’ve finally gotten some rain over the past week or so, the bugs have finally decided that it’s not …Read More »
  • Native American Blankets

    Last Friday Michael and I attended our first “non-traditional” wedding and it was absolutely amazing! It wasn’t really focused around …Read More »
  • Sunflowers

    I’m feeling kinda sunflowery today, so I’m sharing some of my favorite free sunflower patterns I’ve found! All of these …Read More »
  • Steering Wheel Covers

    It’s been crazy hot up here lately. Like in the 90s. Up in the mountains! My car gets extremely hot …Read More »
  • Grocery/Trash Bag Holders

    I’ve been needing to crochet another grocery bag holder for some time. We accumulate grocery bags like crazy, but we …Read More »
  • Crop Tops

    I’ve been on a clothing kick lately, if you couldn’t tell lol. I can’t help it though! There are soooooooo …Read More »
  • Ponchos

    I’ve been thinking about ponchos lately. I even have a pattern that I’m going to try to release at the …Read More »
  • Pineapple Motifs

    One of my absolute favorite motifs in the crochet world is the pineapple motif. It’s so elegant looking! I’ve found …Read More »
  • Circular Vests

    I recently finished the Wagon Wheel Circular Vest CAL by Dorianna over at The Lavender Chair. It has been the …Read More »
  • Wreaths

    I almost missed out on Free Feature Friday this week, it’s been busy! I’m trying really hard not to skip at …Read More »
  • Arrows

    One of the patterns and designs that seems to “in” at the moment is arrows, so I’ve put together some …Read More »
  • Cinco de Mayo

    Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner, and I’ve already posted a cute (free!) pattern for a beer poncho …Read More »
  • Mushrooms

    To be honest I wanted to do a post of just Mario mushrooms haha, but I felt like that would …Read More »
  • Homestuck

    It’s hard to believe that nine years ago Homestuck was first introduced to the web. Now it’s this huge phenomenon …Read More »
  • Gingham

    I really love the look of gingham. The more I search for and post these free patterns I find that …Read More »
  • Daisies

    The weather is so warm already, and both Michael and I are waiting some last minute snow to hit (we …Read More »
  • Shamrocks

    Wow, I can’t believe it’s already March! This year is flying by! This is the year we have decided that …Read More »

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