Free Feature Friday

Every Friday I feature five free patterns from amazingly talented people around the web. These are patterns that stick out to me for some reason or another, and I love sharing things I love with other people 🙂

Join the community crochet board on Pinterest and share your ideas with us! One of the purposes of the board is to get inspiration from others, and I’d love to pick themes and patterns from the board!

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Most Recent Posts
  • Candy Canes

    Candy Canes

    One of my family’s traditions at Christmas is to always have candy canes on the tree. They’ve been kind of …Read More »
  • Christmas Tree Skirts

    Christmas Tree Skirts

    Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? Michael and I Have a little shiny tree that fits on our …Read More »
  • Boot Cuffs

    Boot Cuffs

    There are so many amazing crochet boot cuff patterns floating around. it was difficult to narrow them down to only …Read More »
  • Wolves


    Today is Wolfenoot! If you haven’t heard, a young boy invented this holiday and it pretty much went viral immediately. …Read More »
  • Turkeys


    I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already next week. The end of the year seems to be flying by! I love …Read More »
  • Daisy Farm Crafts Blankets

    Daisy Farm Crafts Blankets

    If you’ve ever stumbled upon Daisy Farm Crafts you would have found a great site with tons of amazing patterns …Read More »
  • Buffalo Plaid

    Buffalo Plaid

    Buffalo plaid is such a timeless look. And it’s become a lot more popular since Whistle and Ivy’s debut of …Read More »
  • Zombies


    Okay my lovelies, since Halloween is only five days away I’m posting the last Halloween themed Free Feature Friday of …Read More »
  • Ghosts


    Continuing on our little Halloween kick (I did a post on spiderwebs and pumpkins already), this week I’m featuring free …Read More »
  • Pumpkins


    Ahhhhhhhh yes. It’s that magical wonderful favorite month of mine, and I’ve got a whole month of fun Halloween themed …Read More »
  • Spiderwebs


    I am sososo excited that October is right around the corner! It is my absolute favorite month for various reasons. …Read More »
  • Fingerless Gloves

    Fingerless Gloves

    It’s that weird time of year where it’s lovely and cool in the mornings and it gets hot in the …Read More »
  • Small C2C Projects

    Small C2C Projects

    I wanted to call this collection “Mini C2C Projects” until I realized that mini C2C is actually a thing haha. …Read More »
  • Cardigans


    I’m loving waking up every morning to cloudy skies and cool temperature! My favorite season is fast approaching, the aspen …Read More »
  • Diamonds


    I’ve been thinking a lot about cold weather patterns; scarves, blankets, hats, sweaters… One of the more interesting and more …Read More »
  • Crochet Quilts

    Crochet Quilts

    Fall is quickly approaching our little mountain! It’s been raining more lately and every morning is misty and dewy, I’m …Read More »
  • Mosaic Blankets

    Mosaic Blankets

    Fall is creeping around the corner, which means it’s time to start busting out the blanket patterns! These crochet mosaic …Read More »
  • Bobble Blankets

    Bobble Blankets

    If you haven’t noticed (especially on my Instagram page) I’ve been having lots of fun playing with textures. This week …Read More »
  • Kimonos


    I love the look of kimonos overall, they look great any time of the year! You can use one as …Read More »
  • Dragonflies


    Since we’ve finally gotten some rain over the past week or so, the bugs have finally decided that it’s not …Read More »

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