Free Feature Friday

Every Friday I feature five free patterns from amazingly talented people around the web. These are patterns that stick out to me for some reason or another, and I love sharing things I love with other people 🙂

Join the community crochet board on Pinterest and share your ideas with us! One of the purposes of the board is to get inspiration from others, and I’d love to pick themes and patterns from the board!

Just email us and provide your Pinterest email account and let me know you want to be invited to the board!

Most Recent Posts
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    This week for Free Feature Friday we’re featuring free crochet elephant patterns! We’re continuing this month’s theme of animals; we’ve …Read More »
  • Dinosaurs

    Continuing the animal theme this month for Free Feature Friday, this week I’m featuring some free dinosaur crochet patterns!  Brian …Read More »
  • Giraffes

    I’m going to feature some animal patterns this month! One of my favorite animals of all time is the giraffe. …Read More »
  • Clutches

    Clutches are great little projects to work on during the summer! You could easily add a crochet chain or a …Read More »
  • Skirts

    These lightweight skirts are great to wear this time of year! I’ve picked a few of my favorite crochet skirt …Read More »
  • Mijo Shawls

    If you haven’t checked out Johanna Lindahl​’s website Mijo Crochet, you’re seriously missing out on some beautiful patterns! She designs …Read More »
  • Tea Length Dresses

    This week I wanted to try and find some crochet patterns for tea length dresses. While pretty much any dress …Read More »
  • Shorts

    Even in warm weather like this it’s hard for me to put down the hook, so I like to crochet …Read More »
  • Watermelon

    Summer is finally here and one of my favorite summer fruits is watermelon, so I figured I’d share some free …Read More »
  • Ice Cream

    Crochet ice cream patterns are not only a great stash buster, but they’re also great for toddlers as play food!  …Read More »
  • Dreamcatchers

    Crochet dreamcatchers are a great summer project to work on! And the possibilities are practically endless with them! You can …Read More »
  • Mermaids

    We’re finishing up this month’s theme for Free Feature Friday! If you missed the rest of the month, we covered …Read More »
  • Octopi

    The ocean theme continues this month with crochet octopus patterns! We’ve done a sea shell themed and a fish themed Free …Read More »
  • Fish

    We’re continuing beach themed roundups with some fishies! Last week I featured sea shells, and there are so many great …Read More »
  • Sea Shells

    I’ve been feeling kinda beachy for some reason lately, so I decided this month (besides last week’s FFF, which was …Read More »
  • Star Wars

    Since tomorrow is Star Wars Day (is that an actual official thing? Because it should be) I figured I’d showcase …Read More »
  • Camping Stuff

    The weather is getting nicer and we want to go camping! We try to go camping at least twice a …Read More »
  • Seat Covers

    I figured I’d continue the “yarn bombing your home” theme (last week I showcased bath accessories) with some free crochet …Read More »
  • Bath Stuff

    Bath stuff or spa stuff is great for gifting (especially stocking stuffers!) and selling at craft fairs. Here are a …Read More »
  • Car Stuff

    I just finished up a couple of big projects (another Painted Canyon Cardigan and a 12-point blanket and a neverending …Read More »

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