This week for Free Feature Friday we’re featuring free crochet elephant patterns! We’re continuing this month’s theme of animals; we’ve already covered giraffes and dinosaurs 🙂

Elton the Elephant Amigurumi by Stuffed Hearts Crochet

I love the big floppy ears on this guy! And his little eyebrows. I'm trying not to post too many amigurumi patterns for animals since there are a lot of them, but this one was too cute to pass up!

Plastic Spring Elephant by Donna Collinsworth

This pattern is such a creative way to use those plastic slinkys!

Elephant Tissue Box Cover by Nicki's Homemade Crafts

I love how the tissues come out of the elephant's nose!

Elephant Curtain Tie Back by Rachel Choi

You could probably make any type of amigurumi head for this curtain tie, but I really like this little elephant! It would add a little bit of whimsy to any home.

Elephant Elephant by The Anticraft

I'm so happy about this pattern becasue it pays homage to one of my favorite musical artists, Amanda Palmer! Be sure to check out the video on the pattern page to listen to my favorite song from Evelyn Evelyn.

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