Michael and I both cosnider cats as one of our favorite domestic animals. We decided to feature some adorable crochet cat patterns this week in keeping up with this month’s animal theme.

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Cat Butt Coaster by My Yarn Spot

I love that you can make different colors of these for different fur patterns. These would make great gifts that are easy and quick to work up!

Cube Kitty Amigurumi by Crafty Bunny Bun

I think it would be kinda cute to put dots on each side of this cube kitty an turn him into a dice kitty! This pattern is so cute!

Dumpling Kitty by Sarah Sloyer

The little stripes on these kitties definitely make this pattern! And that picture reminds me of this gif haha.

Scarecrow Cat by Enchanted Ladybug

This is a perfect fall project! I love the little straw hat and the sunflower, as well as the little patches. It's all so cute!

Small Cat Amigurumi by Lilleliis

This pattern is awesome because it provides instructions for a cat with a striped shirt and a cat with a tutu. They're both adorable!

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