Boot Cuffs

There are so many amazing crochet boot cuff patterns floating around. it was difficult to narrow them down to only five! I’m thinking there will be a part two to the boot cuff patterns sometime soon…

Diamond Boot Cuffs by CAAB Crochet

I have yet to try the harlequin stitch, but this would be a great practice project! I love the idea of having a neutral color on the outside and a pop of color for the center diamonds.

Festive Pom Boot Cuffs by Nadia Fuad

The pom-poms on these boot cuffs are absolutely adorable! And these cuffs are convertible; you can flip them up to make them longer.

Vintage Style Arm Warmer by Cathryn Ann Sheeran

Yes, I know that's an arm warmer. But can you imagine how cute there would be as boot cuffs? The lace edging creates an elegant, classic look.

Celtic Dream Boot Cuffs by Janaya Chouinard

Another stitch I have yet to try, these Celtic weave cuffs are simple yet intricate. I have a feeling I would be messing with the texture all the time if I wore these.

Sweetheart Boot Cuffs by Pattern Paradise

These boot cuffs are super cute! I don't know why but they remind me of cupcakes, or little hearts.

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