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Fall is quickly approaching our little mountain! It’s been raining more lately and every morning is misty and dewy, I’m loving it! I’ve actually had to bust out my Painted Canyon Cardigan that I made, and I don’t mind one bit 🙂 The cool air is definitely welcome compared to the humid heat we’ve had this summer (and the fires!) and Michael and I both really hope we get lots of snow this year!

There was a quilt festival earlier this month and it got me to thinking about crochet quilts. I’ve found some really cool patterns and I think I’m going to enter the festival next year 🙂 This is the perfect time of year to make these blankets!

Crochet Quilt Patterns by Sister Margaret Mary

This PDF includes how to make any quilt pattern, not just the one pictured. It basically tells you how to arrange different quilt squares to create a crocheted blanket.

Autumn Log Cabin Throw by Red Heart Yarns

This is one of those patterns that I see everywhere on Pinterest and every color scheme is amazing! I love the look of this blanket and how the design looks like rotated squares, it's really unique!

Granny Pinwheel Blanket by my Crochetory

I love this blanket and how there are three different pinwheel patterns in it. Can you see them? The pop of yellow really brings this blanket together, and any color would look great in place of the yellow.

Larksfoot Inspired Granny Square by Michelle Warwick

While this pattern is not necessarily for a blanket, the squares are beautiful and would make a great quilt! These squares remind me of stained glass.

Quilt Inspired Blanket by Fifty Shades of 4 Ply

I really like the colors and the pattern of this blanket! It seems random at first but there is a reoccurring pattern, and you could probably do like three of your favorite colors (one for the background and two for the colored squares) to make something that looks a little simpler.

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  1. Love the patterns! I, too, am hoping for lots of snow, but I’m a southern girl and really miss the heat. The first year we lived up here there was snowfall not seen for 20 yrs prior – would love to see that again!

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