I’m not gonna lie. Poinsettias are ridiculous. They’re pretty and all, but they’re hard to take care of (especially since they’re a plant from Mexico that hate the cold) and when the stems break the emit a sticky glue-like sap. It’s gross haha. My mom worked at a greenery that placed and maintained poinsettias for the holiday season, and I would help for a few days. That’s probably why I’m tired of them lol.

But, like I said, they are pretty! There are so many different varieties of them too. Did you know that a lot of people that are allergic to latex are also allergic to poinsettias? The plant contains a compound that is very similar to rubber latex. So these crochet poinsettia patterns are an allergy-free way to enjoy them for the holidays!

Poinsettia Jar Cover by Designs by Diligence

This mason jar cover is painted to give it a little extra detail. I bet the light pattern it throws off is really pretty!

Upcycled Poinsettias by Highland Hickory Designs

These poinsettias begin with a plastic ring, like from a milk jug, and end with a cute little tealight and simmering gold beads. These little things would be great decor for a festive table!

It's a Wrap! by Drops Design

I never thought to use crochet flowers in place of bows to decorate presents until I saw this post. Now it's got my brain thinking about using a chain of yarn as ribbon, and different types of flowers for bows...

Poinsettia Doily by Marulu Rodrigues

If you made this doily with cotton yarn instead of thread you would have a good sized, sturdy pot trivet that would look beautiful on your table!

Poinsettia Napkin Holder by Craft Passion

These would be a great decoration for your Christmas dinner table! White flowers with red linen napkins with also look great!

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