Plant Hangers

Spring is still a little ways off in our neck of the woods. I can feel it. But I’m so ready to start planting things. I’ve already made a list of things I want to have in our greenhouse this year.

For this Free Feature Friday I’m continuing the plant theme, with crochet plant hangers. Now you can have yarn-bombed planters that sit AND hang! Yarn everywhere!

Houseplant Clippings Plant Hanger by Heart Hook Home

I love this idea because it a) makes a cute litter hanger for plant clippings and b) recycles glass yogurt cups into something else useful!

Never Ending Star Plant Hanger by Kristyn Hertrich

I love star shaped things, and this plant hanger is definitely one of my favorites! You can switch the bottom color up to match the decor in your room!

Hanging Pot Holders by Erica Lueder

This would be a great pattern for a small space if you want to have a garden. I can imagine a whole bunch of these hung up on a picket fence with a bunch of different herbs in them. I kinda wish I had a picket fence now to make these! You can hang them off other things too, just make sure they're sturdy!

Large Succulent Hanger by MB Stitches

I love the fish bowl look of this plant hanger. I also like the granny square (circle?) look; it's more solid than the others.

Crochet Planter Hanger by Vickie Howell

I love the tassel on the bottom of this crochet plant hanger, it kind of makes it more retro.

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