Circular Vests

I recently finished the Wagon Wheel Circular Vest CAL by Dorianna over at The Lavender Chair. It has been the only crochet-a-long that I have kept up on since it started hahaha. I’ve attempted three other CALs, and I’m still in the middle of two of them 😅


Anyway, you can see my finished vest on my Facebook page!

This week I’ll be showcasing other beautiful free circular vests!

Wagon Wheel Circular Vest by The Lavendar Chair

I love the way this vest ruffles in the front! The pattern was easy to follow and using the Lion Brand Mandala yarn creates amazing patterns! Dorianna used Unicorn for hers and I used Thunderbird for mine.

Spring Sun Mandala Vest by Nadia Fuad

This vest is insanely gorgeous! I love the flower pattern in the middle and how long the overall vest is. The ombre colorway really makes the vest pop as well.

Whirl Mandala Vest by LillaBjornCrochet

I like how this vest isn't intricate; it has a nice simple texture. Again, the ombre fading is what makes this vest really unique and beautiful.

Lotus Duster (2.0) by Morale Fiber

Not only do I love the fact this circular vest has sleeves, I also love the fact that it's nicknamed "the Stevie duster" after Stevie Nicks <3 This pattern was recently rewritten and updated and it's definitely one of my favorite patterns ever.

Rippling Vest by Nazanin S. Fard

This is a free pattern featured by Red Heart. The shape of it is really unique, and I love the flower shape in the center. It feels very spring-like 🙂

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