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  • Pattern Review: Long Ram Horns

    When I was picked to test this long ram horn pattern I immediately saw this as an opportunity to be able to make a Homestuck […] Read More
  • Ghosts

    Continuing on our little Halloween kick (I did a post on spiderwebs and pumpkins already), this week I’m featuring free crochet ghost patterns! As with […] Read More
  • Pumpkins

    Ahhhhhhhh yes. It’s that magical wonderful favorite month of mine, and I’ve got a whole month of fun Halloween themed Free Feature Fridays for you! […] Read More
  • Skull Beanie Pattern

    This crochet skull beanie pattern was something that kinda happened last minute. I was creating a beanie for a friend’s birthday present and I loved […] Read More
  • How to Change Colors While Crocheting

    Changing colors in crochet can be a bit tricky at first, but once you understand how stitches are crocheted it’s super easy to make color […] Read More

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