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  • 3D Doilies

    This week’s Free Feature Friday showcases 3D doily patterns. Whether they are actually three dimensional or just an optical illusion, these doilies are all beautifully […] Read MoreRead More »
  • C2C Foot Pillow

    C2C Foot Pillow

    Michael and I have a coffee table between our couch and TV, and we both like to put our feet up on it. After a […] Read MoreRead More »
  • Snowflakes

    It’s snowing today, I’m so happy! We’ve already got a couple inches on the ground and it’s supposed to snow all day. So this week’s theme […] Read MoreRead More »
  • Crochet Velvet Scrunchies

    I’m so happy that velvet has made a comeback! I’ve jumped on the crochet velvet scrunchie bandwagon and started whipping up some from my scrap […] Read MoreRead More »
  • Snowmen

    Happy New Year! Did you party to ring in the new year? Or did you sleep through it like Michael and I did? We’re still […] Read MoreRead More »

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